Australians with solar join the Tesla revolution

Solar advocates are taking the lead in the Tesla revolution with six in every ten customer enquiries in the first few months of sales requesting to utilise their existing solar panels with the new Tesla Powerwall.

Approximately 1.5 million Australian households already have solar panels. CSR Bradford’s retrofit solution now offers these homeowners the opportunity to upgrade their existing systems, transforming the way they store and consume energy.

“Since launching in Australia, we’ve had enormous interest in the Tesla Powerwall. Around 60 per cent of initial enquiries have been from existing solar owners who want to upgrade their current system to include the Tesla battery,” explains Anthony Tannous, Executive General Manager of CSR Bradford.

“Until now, there have been few suppliers providing Australian homeowners with the option to do this. CSR Bradford have partnered with SolarEdge to provide existing solar owners with the missing piece of their energy solution,” adds Mr Tannous.

Existing solar users who have already taken charge of their energy use, currently enjoy free energy during the day. By upgrading their system with the installation of a Tesla Powerwall, they now have the power to store the electricity generated by their solar panels to run their home at night.

A typical Australian house consumes around 21 kilowatt hours (kWh) per day. Tesla Powerwall is capable of storing 6.4kWh per day, which is enough to help support an average home’s evening energy usage.

CSR Bradford anticipates even more enquiries from existing solar users as the 2016 end-dates for selected feed-in tariffs in Victoria and New South Wales and South Australia loom.

“For many home owners, government-led rooftop solar feed-in tariff programs have provided significant financial incentives for installing solar systems. With these programs now coming to a close many residents will be looking to save and store their own-generated energy, rather than selling it back to the grid.

“For example, residents in New South Wales had the potential to receive $0.60/kWh, allowing them to effectively offset much of the cost of their solar investment. When the feed-in tariffs end in December, they will receive as little as $0.06/kWh from energy shared back to the grid,” says Mr Tannous.

CSR Bradford notes that the average household who installs the retrofit upgrade can achieve significant savings.

“A family in Sydney using a 5kW solar PV system and consuming most of their energy at night could save up to $1,390 per annum with the battery installed. Those with a PV system and no battery would save just $806,” adds Mr Tannous.

With an estimated one million plus Australian homes having solar/PV and home battery storage within the next five years, CSR Bradford know that home battery storage is the next natural step for solar owners.

“We want to help Australians achieve better savings on their electricity bills as well as an increased capability to use renewable energy to power their homes. Our retrofit solution can accomplish that,” adds Mr Tannous.

Arden Homes respond to demand for Tesla Powerwall
Responding to increasing consumer demand for residential solar solutions, Arden Homes has partnered with CSR Bradford to provide Victorian homebuyers with a Tesla Powerwall as a standard inclusion in their new home.

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