Bradford helps Mojo Homes provide solar savings for new homebuyers

Mojo Homes are helping their customers save up to $1500 per year on electricity cost by including a solar energy and battery storage in all their homes.

The Bradford Solar ChargePack includes a Tesla Powerwall and is linked with a state-of-the-art solar panel system, which will be installed in every new home built by Mojo Homes. The ground-breaking system holds enough energy to power the average house for an entire evening.

Mojo Homes CEO Mark Vassallo said partnering with CSR Bradford and Tesla Energy to provide the technology allowed the company to offer a product not available elsewhere within Australia.

“As an innovative new homebuilder in the market, we identified a significant gap within the industry in providing consumers with renewable energy options for their homes,” Mr Vassallo said.

“The Bradford Solar ChargePack Optimal offer not only provides savings on increasing electricity bills but also decreases our customers environmental footprint.

“At Mojo Homes we are always looking to help people live passionately and the partnership with CSR Bradford helps us to continue to do just that,” Mr Vassallo said.

CSR Bradford Executive General Manager, Anthony Tannous said Mojo Homes is an out-of-the-box thinking homebuilder striving to do things differently.

“We saw great synergy in Mojo Homes’ philosophy and our determination to bring renewable energy options to every home within Australia,” Mr Tannous said.

“Our product includes a Tesla Powerwall, solar panels and SolarEdge inverter with monitoring, all of which help consumers increase energy savings and manage and reduce their daily energy consumption.

“We see this offer as a great initiative for an organisation within the home building industry, but the two big winners from this offer are customers and the environment,” Mr Tannous said.

The typical Australian house consumes around 21 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per day and the Tesla Powerwall is capable of storing 6.4 kWh, which is enough to cater to an average homes evening energy use.

Mojo Homes has display homes at Homeworld Gledswood Hills, Homeworld Kellyville, Harvest Chisholm and Homeworld Thornton and is backed by the MJH Group.

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Looking for a new home with energy to burn? Mojo Homes puts you in charge with our Bradford Solar ChargePack, included with every Mojo Premium Home. 


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