Commercial Solar Case Studies

Schools Case Study

Energy in Education

After 12 months CSR’s Energy in Education Program has helped reduce participating school’s energy costs between 30-50%. CSR’s Energy in Education Program enjoyed great success over the 2015 school year. Over 120 schools undertook our no-cost energy analysis and design process, with several schools coming on board to reduce their energy costs.

Green Olive Case Study

Implementing a Carbon Reduction Strategy

For Josef Chromy Wines, Bradford Solar's goal was to effectively implement their carbon reduction strategy. With thorough investigation and studies, three initiatives were identified: insulating bulk wine storage tanks, insulating a wine cool room, and installing a 100kW PV solar system. Today, Josef Chromy Wines has fulfilled its first steps towards sustainability and environmental protection while allowing it to save $22-44,000 per year with the PV system's 350,000 Kwh generation, making up 35 percent of the electricity bill.

Josef Chromy Wines Case Study

Generate Electricity through Sustainable Means

For Green Olive, Bradford Solar's goal was to help generate electricity through sustainable means. Originally Bradford solar was engaged in the installation of a 30kW PV solar system. However, upon comprehensive analysis, a recommendation of a smaller yet efficient 9kW system was made, maximising the farm's return of investment. The 9kW system would ensure that the solar power generated will be consumed internally and not sent back to the grid. Today, Green Olive enjoys $1,900 annual savings on electricity, thanks to its 9kW system that generates 7,600 kWh out of the farm's 75,000 kWh annual consumption.

McEvoy Tavern Case Study

Improve Business Operations through Sustainable Means

For McEvoy Tavern, Bradford Solar's goal was to improve business operations with renewable energy. Bradford installed a 4KW solar system, capable of generating 21% of the tavern’s energy needs, giving them aprroximately $2,191 in. annual electricity savings.

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