Bradford Solar Testimonials

Some recent testimonials from our customers will provide further insight into what its like to take control of your energy with a Bradford Solar System.
The system is working well, and I am extremely happy with the amount of generation we are getting (generally 15-19kW per day), and how the battery is working (usually charges up almost fully in the afternoons, giving us free power until 9-11pm each night).

I think that the panels (4.2kW) are great (the all black looks smart) and are matched well to the battery capacity. I know that the generation rate will fall in winter, but we can’t do much about shading and orientation, nor panel location (our preference, not yours), but that’s not a problem.

I am happy to recommend Bradford Solar to other potential customers. One of the guys at work is asking me lots of questions, so I will get him to contact you for a quote on a similar system.
David, Sydney, NSW
We were delighted with the excellent standard of service we received from Bradford Solar. From the initial systems advice obtained from your Sydney office, through to communication with your Melbourne office and the work of the installation team itself. The service has been prompt, friendly and efficient and gives us confidence that the system will provide many years of effective operation.
Andrew, VIC

Just thought I would let you know nearly 12 mths on that we are very pleased with our result. I targeted providing half our daily consumption of 23Kwh and in fact we are doing just that...around 11-12 Kwh per day consumed direct from the roof.

This has required very little conscious effort on our part but obviously the best value is to be had by holding off on the dishwasher and washing machine until late morning. When you consider the fact that our roof has an undesirable east slope I think our result is damn good and will deliver a payback of around 4-6 years depending on energy price movements.

John, NSW

Installer wanted to come early, which was no problem. Installation was quick, clean and hassle free. We went away after installation but managed to check generation over couple of days and indications are satisfactory even in winter in Melbourne.

Thank you to Bradford and CSR for a reasonably priced product, can highly recommend Bradford and their installer contractors for a job well done.

Kenneth, VIC

We decided to purchase our system through Bradford as your representative clearly knew his stuff, and was able to make recommendations to us about the system design and location that caused us to review our initial ideas and come out the end of the process with a system we are very happy with. Bradford solar representatives were patient, friendly and professional, and made themselves available to answer any questions we had about the installation and connection process. Thanks.

Eric, VIC

Tony and Michael have both been fantastic. The installation has begun, but is ongoing. I'm being kept up to date on progress and the Bradford team are communicating with our builders (it was our builders, RM Homes and DesignBuild, who recommended we use Bradford.) So far so good, looking forward to the completion of our house and the completion of the solar install.

Wayne, QLD

After some shopping around and research I settled on Bradford because of their reputation. I have received the most satisfactory service from all staff. The price was reasonable, and installation quick. I was able to choose the best system for me as all my questions were answered and I was provided with information to help my decision making.

The best thing about the product I had installed (micro-inverter system) is the ability to download my own energy production reports as and when I need, although a monthly report is generated and emailed to me from Enlighten.

Sometimes the download data even includes part of the current day and I can get reports for 5 minute intervals if I want. This function will help me organise my energy use to get the most financial benefit from using solar power. I'm a very happy customer.

Jean, QLD

The gentlemen that installed the system were very polite and professional. They also were very polite in eating my homemade banana cake! Even though we are still to be completely connected, we are looking forward to their visit again.

Robyn, SA

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We talk to two couples about their experience of selecting and installing home solar panel systems with Bradford Solar.

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