Pete Evans chooses Bradford Energy for his solar and battery storage solution

September 15, 2019

TV chef and committed eco-warrior Pete Evans chose the ChargePack Pro package from Bradford Energy for his new home

Building a home from scratch offers up many possibilities when it comes to energy savings – just ask Pete Evans. Celebrity chef and long-standing judge on My Kitchen Rules, Evans has recently built a new family home in Sydney with Metricon, which includes the ChargePack Pro package from Bradford Energy as part of the build.

Because the home was totally new, Evans decided to take advantage of some of the technology now available to new homebuilders, including Bradford’s smart clean energy solutions.

“I did my research and learnt that the Bradford package would cut down on my electricity bills and that it would be more user friendly for the environment,” he adds. “It all seemed to make a lot of sense to me. So I was very happy to go down that path.”

The new home was a knockdown/rebuild, on a block of land previously owned by the family of his wife Nicola. The couple saw the opportunity to build their dream house and chose the Metricon’s Signature range with the Sorrento façade.

“I always wanted to create a family home,” Evans told Metricon. “What we were trying to achieve here, and I think what we’ve managed to do, is inject plenty of light and lots of natural colours and textures. We wanted to build something timeless so that in 10 years’ time it will still be as inviting and comfortable as it is now."

The contemporary look of the new house marries well with the sleek black appearance of the solar panels, which take advantage of the sunshine of Sydney’s coastal suburbs to provide his growing family with affordable clean solar power for all their energy needs.

Because it’s not just about looking good – there’s substance in the ChargePack Pro package as well. Providing a powerful and stylish solar energy solution that works for both day and night demands, it includes an AC-coupled Tesla Powerwall storage solution with Tesla App monitoring (which makes the system easily controlled via an app on your smartphone), and intelligent optimised inverter solution.

Energy savings can be substantial – and families can greatly reduce their dependency on the energy grid, saving up to $30, 000 over 10-years with a Bradford ChargePack system that includes Tesla Powerwall home battery.

Evans says he is looking to keep an eye on his power bills to see just how much money the family is saving each quarter.

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