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February 21, 2020 The inclusion of Australia’s first integrated solar roofing system - InlineSOLAR™ has been a strategic move for Carlisle Homes Victoria, who hope that it will encourage more of their customers to choose InlineSOLAR™ when they build their new home.

There is often a misconception about the building industry – that every builder wants to get bigger. However, that’s not the case with Melbourne builder, Carlisle Homes. 

“Our aim is never to be the biggest, but to be the best builder in Melbourne,” says Con Galileos, Carlisle Homes’ Group Development Manager. 

Carlisle has three brands: EasyLiving, T-Range and Affinity, with EasyLiving the entry level, T-Range the mid-scale and Affinity at the luxury end. 

“We try to capture every end of the market from our first-home buyers to second and third-home buyers as well,” says Galileos. 

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A builder in the Melbourne Metropolitan area, with a display home in the West, Carlisle is using Bradford Monier’s high-tech, industry-leading InlineSOLAR™ system as part of their plan to capture the luxury end ­of the home market. 

The company has just launched a new display home in the Affinity range – the Clovelly 33, based at the Woodlea Estate, Aintree in Melbourne’s west. Featuring a range of high-end inclusions, the Clovelly 33 also features Bradford Monier’s InlineSOLAR system. 

Introducing InlineSOLAR

The inclusion of Australia’s first integrated solar roofing system (which is recess-mounted within the roofline) has been a strategic move for Carlisle, who hope that it will encourage more of their customers to choose InlineSOLAR when they build their new home.  

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Stylish and elegant, the modern all-black solar panels sit well in the display village, ensuring that the roof continues to appeal to potential customers with its sleek black finish. 

Compatible with all Monier roof tiles, InlineSOLAR is recess-mounted within the roofline, bringing all the benefits of solar while maximising the street appeal of the home. 

Partners with CSR

Carlisle Homes has a long and proud association with CSR, the parent company of Bradford Monier, partnering with them ever since the launch of Carlisle 15 years ago. 

“CSR is a known brand, and there’s comfort we get in the service they offer for the product they give us to put in our houses. CSR’s got the infrastructure in place to service us during construction, and if we have any issues post-settlement, or post-handover.” 

“There’s probably a couple of points to including InlineSOLAR in this new display home,” explains Galileos. “The first point is our association with CSR. We don’t only work with Monier, we use Bradford, we use Gyprock, Hebel, Viridian and PGH Bricks. So there’s six pillars of the company there – all that association with CSR.” 

“And also, solar’s getting a lot of attention, so we decided to showcase it, and if we can work in with CSR Bradford Monier, and it strengthens our bond and our relationship, well then it’s a good outcome for both of us.” 

It’s common industry knowledge that many homebuyers will opt for the high-end inclusions such as Inline Solar if they see a display home with them – it starts the conversation. With so many decisions to be made when choosing to build a new house, it’s all about educating the consumers. 

“It has to be visible,” says Galileos. “Now being on display, it’s visible. We also have a designated section in our Spectra showroom of the InlineSOLAR as a display board. When clients come in for their colour appointment, they have the ability to gain further insight on the product.” 

Saving Energy

And there is another, third, reason that Carlisle Homes decided to try the InlineSOLAR system in their new display home – it’s a practical choice, energy wise. Running display villages is an expensive business. 

“We have 59 display homes and we pay huge electricity bills on all of them,” Galileos adds. “They’re operating all the time, including air conditioning, so by putting InlineSOLAR on this one, it’ll be great to get some data and see what savings we’re getting.” 

Carlisle is tracking the energy costs of the Clovelly 33 display home now, comparing them to the average power usage of other similar homes. 

“It’s still too early to say, but hopefully in about six to 12 months we’ll get some real data to compare it to some other displays, to see how much have we saved by having a five kilowatt (kW) InlineSOLAR system on the roof,” he adds. 

Luxury on Offer

As a luxury offering, the Clovelly 33 ticks all the boxes for prospective homebuyers, such as an alfresco area and generously sized master suite. 

“It’s an improved version of an existing design that is very popular,” says Galileos. “We always display our most popular designs. That house is a single storey Affinity with three bedrooms, so it’s targeting people who want a single-level house, 33 squares, double garage, al fresco; it just offers so much.” 

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“I think the main features for us are luxurious master suites – so with spa bath, ensuite, separate toilet – and two to three separate living zones. The kitchen is always the hub of a family zone, where everyone can get together and eat, relax and chill out. It connects to the al fresco area for that indoor-outdoor lifestyle.” 

“But then there’ll also be probably a theatre room and a living room; separate zones where if you want to chill or you want your own space, you can do that as well. Or you can to get together and have a movie night in the theatre room.” 

Visit the Clovelly 33 here to see InlineSOLAR up close.

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